Commercial Vehicles and Trailers

Commercial vehicles can be registered on an annual or biennial basis. Commercial trailers are registered permanently. Commercial Vehicles are required to have an actual weight on file. In the event an estimated weight is given, the highest commercial fees will be paid.

Please have the following forms completed for any transactions involving a commercial vehicle:

Commercial Vehicle Registration

Anyone who owns or operates a commercial vehicle with an empty weight greater than 8000 lbs. must provide additional information and documentation to us when registering their vehicles. 

A commercial vehicle is a vehicle used in a business for the purpose of transporting persons, goods, or property.

Registration fees are primarily based on the unladen weight of the vehicle; for more information, please visit Motor Vehicle Registration Fees & Taxes

Please Note: Any vehicle that is registered in a business/company name is considered a commercial vehicle for registration fee purposes. Leased vehicles are owned by a business/company, they are automatically considered commercial vehicles for purposes of biennial fees. This includes vehicles that would normally be considered passenger vehicles.

Please Note: If registered commercially elsewhere, you may qualify for dual commercial registration in Alaska.

Express Title and Tag is a privately owned company. Our services are not paid for by the State of Alaska, therefore, a service fee is imposed on all transactions.

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