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  1. Vehicle Services
    Alaska DMV Partner Certified by the State of Alaska

  2. Title Services

    Express Title and Tag is here to process titles for your personal or commercial vehicles, trailers, boats, motorhomes and motorcycles.

    You will need:

    • Alaska Application for Title and Registration
    • Proof of Ownership
      • Manufacturer Certificate of Origin OR
      • Title - Correctly signed or reassigned on the back
    • Lien release, if applicable (a statement from lien holder or lien release stamp on title)
    • Power of Attorney, if applicable.

    A Couple of Things to Keep in Mind:

    • State of Alaska does not issue titles for snow machines or ATV's; they do however register these.
    • On the Application for Title: if there is an "AND" between the owner's names, you will need both owner's signatures to release the title. 

    Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Title:

    • You will need a letter of lien release from your lender if the vehicle still has a lien listed.
    • You will need to complete the Affidavit of Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Titles. If you fill it out ahead of time, you will need it notarized. You may also fill it out in front of our representative who will notarize it for you.

    Registration Services

    We can register, renew or replace the registration on your vehicle, trailer, motorcycle, motorhome, boat, ATV/UTV, or Snow Machine.

    Non-Commercial Vehicles and Trailers:

    A normal registration period is two years, however, you may choose any number of months between 13-24.  Personal use vehicles, trailers, motorhomes, and motorcycles may be eligible for permanent registration.

    Permanent Registration:

    • Eligibility for Vehicles
      • Non-commercial use only
      • Vehicle model 8 years or older
      • Owner(s) must be State of Alaska residents residing in an eligible city
    • Eligibility for Trailers
      • Non-commercial use only
      • Owner(s) must be State of Alaska residents residing in an eligible city


    Boats may be titled in Alaska while some may be registraiton only.  See more information here.

    Boat ownership documents must be one of the following:

    • Manufacturer's Statement or Certificate of Origin (MSO)
    • Carpenter's Certificate
    • Bill of sale from previous owner or dealer
    • Title AND registration from a previous state

    Snow Machines & ATV's:

    Snow machines and ATV's are NOT titled in Alaska, however snow machines and ATV's are required to be registered unless they are operated solely on private property.

    The State issues two decals when a snow machine or ATV is originally registered. These decals are validated by a tab each registration period. The decal number becomes the license plate for the machine. The decals must be placed on both sides of the tunnel (above the footrests and below the seat) so that they are clearly visible when the driver and passenger are seated in the normal riding position. Decals issued prior to September 30, 1998 may be displayed on the cowling of themachine. Decals must be placed so that they do not cover the serial number.

    To transfer registration on a new or used Snow Machine or ATV, the new owner must:


    Senior Exemption

    • A State of Alaska Resident 65 years or older is eligible for one vehicle to have a free registration. A completed Senior Exemption Affidavit must be submitted at time of renewal or purchase.

    Disabled Veteran

    • Disabled veteran who is 50% or more disabled (per Veteran Affairs) is eligible for one vehicle to have a free registration. Contact us for documentation requirements.

    Handicap Parking Privileges

    • A State of Alaska resident who is eligible for handicap parking privileges (permanently) is eligible for one vehicle to have a free registration. Contact us for documentation requirements.

    Alaska National Guard

    • An active duty National Guard member is eligible for one vehicle to have a free registration. Contact us for documentation required.

    Other Services:

    Notary - We offer an on-site Notary for your convenience.

    Driving Records - We can supply a insurance, full or CDL Driving Record.

    Vehicle Inspections - We can perform a certified Vehicle Vin Inspection as required for Impound, Reconstruct or Surety Bond transactions.

    Disabled Parking Permits - Please bring in a completed copy of Application for Special Disability Parking Permit.

    Laminating Documents - Keep those permanent registration cards or other documents safe from destruction. 

    Copy & Fax - Copy, send or receive necessary documents for your transaction.


    Express Title and Tag is a privately owned company. Our services are not paid for by the State of Alaska, therefore, a service fee is imposed on all transactions.