Title Services

Express Title and Tag is here to process titles for your personal or commercial vehicles, trailers, boats, motorhomes and motorcycles. We recommend both parties, buyer and seller, meet at our location to ensure the title transfer is done properly.

To get a title in your name you will need:

  • Completed Alaska Vehicle Transaction Application
  • Ownership Document(s) – Title, MCO or other comparable document
    • Title must be properly released from the previous owner(s), including odometer reading, and assigned to the applicant.
    • Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO) properly assigned to the applicant by a licensed dealer or applicants name printed on the front directly from manufacturer
  • Lien Release (if applicable)
    • Original title with lien released OR
    • Lien satisfaction letter from listed lien holder

NOTE: A lien release is required when a title has a lienholder on it and you are requesting an Alaska title, regardless of whether the lien has been paid or not. You may obtain a letter from the lienholder stating that the lien release is conditional on placing a new lien on the Alaska title.

Reprint a Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Title:

  • Complete the Application for Duplicate Title
  • If you fill it out ahead of time, you will need it notarized. You may also fill it out in front of our representative who will notarize it for you at no charge.
  • Provide a lien satisfaction letter if the vehicle still has a lien listed in the computer system (if applicable).

A Couple of Things to Keep in Mind:

  • TIMELINE: Alaska statutes require that you transfer ownership into your name within 30 days of purchasing a vehicle.
  • CONJUNCTION: When the ownership document contains more than one previous owner, all parties are required to sign in the seller section to release their interest in the vehicle when the conjunction is anything other than "OR". This applies when there is nothing between the names or when the conjunction shows "AND/OR" or "AND".
  • Out-of-state titles: When there is a title that is already in your name in another state, and the lienholder is holding the original title outside of Alaska, we will issue a 'registration only'. You would just need to provide the current registration card or a photocopy of the title to show it is in your name in the other state.
  • It is illegal for a buyer to sell the vehicle again without first obtaining a title in their name. Ensure the title you are receiving at the time of purchase has the sellers name computer-printed on the original document.
  • BOATS: Alaska statute requires the owner of an undocumented boat that is subject to registration and that is more than 24 feet to apply for a certificate of title or “No Title Issued (NTI)” registration.
  • SNOWMACHINES: State of Alaska does not issue titles for snow machines; they do however register these.
  • ATV’S: State of Alaska will issue a title to an ATV or side-by-side only if the owner requests to register it to drive on public roads. Regardless of whether the owner wants it road legal, they will need to register these.

Registration Services

Express Title and Tag can register, renew or replace the registration on your vehicle, trailer, motorcycle, motorhome, boat, ATV/UTV, or Snowmachine.

Non-Commercial Vehicles, Motorhomes, Motorcycles and Trailers:

A normal registration period is two years, however, you may choose any number of months between 13-24. Personal use vehicles, trailers, motorhomes, and motorcycles may be eligible for permanent registration.

Permanent Registration:

  • Eligibility for Vehicles
    • Non-commercial use only
    • Vehicle model 8 years or older
    • Owner(s) must be State of Alaska residents residing in an eligible city
  • Eligibility for Trailers
    • Non-commercial use only
    • Owner(s) must be State of Alaska residents residing in an eligible city


Boats may be titled in Alaska while some may be registration only. See more information here.

Boat ownership documents must be one of the following:

  • Manufacturer's Statement or Certificate of Origin (MSO)
  • Carpenter's Certificate
  • Bill of sale from previous owner or dealer
  • Title AND registration from a previous state

Snow Machines & ATV's:

ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, moose-buggies, snowmachines and other off-highway vehicles may be registered but are not titled. If these vehicles are driven on public property, they are required to be registered with the DMV.

You may register your snowmachine, ATV and off-highway vehicle for up to two, four or six years from date of initial registration. Registration periods run from the date of initial registration to September 30th of the second, fourth, or sixth year.

To transfer registration on a new or used Snow Machine or ATV, the new owner must:

All-Purpose Vehicles (APV):

Beginning January 1, 2022, you must title and register your APV if you intend to operate it on a public road or highway in a community that has not prohibited its use.

An APV is an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) that is used on public roads or highways with a speed limit of 45 mph or less in a community that has not prohibited its use. APVs must conform to all of Alaska’s motor vehicle safety standards and be properly insured, registered, and titled.

Personalized Plates:

Complete this form and bring it into our office for processing.  We will verify availability of your plate request and submit the personalized plate application on your behalf.


Senior Exemption

  • A State of Alaska Resident 65 years or older is eligible for one vehicle to have a free registration. A completed Senior Exemption Affidavit must be submitted at time of renewal or purchase.

Disabled Veteran

  • Disabled veteran who is 50% or more disabled (per Veteran Affairs) is eligible for one vehicle to have a free registration. Contact us for documentation requirements.

Handicap Parking Privileges

  • A State of Alaska resident who is eligible for handicap parking privileges (permanently) is eligible for one vehicle to have a free registration. Contact us for documentation requirements.

Alaska National Guard

  • An active duty National Guard member is eligible for one vehicle to have a free registration. Contact us for documentation required.

Express Title and Tag is a privately owned company. Our services are not paid for by the State of Alaska, therefore, a service fee is imposed on all transactions.

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